How and Why We Approach Clients Differently

Taisiia Mliuzan
05 March 2017

It’s not About What You Do, It’s About How You Do It!

There could be two options when answerіng the questіon “what services do you provide?”
1. We could give automatic responses, which might mean that we are likening ourselves to every other company that does a similar type of work which we do.
2. We can really stop to think about the services we provide in detail — not just what, but how we do our work; because defining your “How” defines values.
We choose the latter.
The outcomes of identifying our “How” and “What” is really worth the effort. Getting really specific about what differentiates us as a specialist allows us to acquire clients and projects that are a much better fit and to find partners that appreciate our unique style.
Our basic values have been at the foundation of CNA International IT from its inception and continue to guide our team in providing service to our clients around the world. These values dictate the company’s approach to every issue, internal or external, that it faces. So here they are:
We are collaborative: working closely with IT Product companies and consultants increases our ability to solve issues and raise the efficiency of output. By supporting internal and external creativity and valuing each individual’s input, we bring collaborative energy to everything we do.
We are experts: the CNA International IT database comprises of over 50 000 ACTUAL CVs of top IT personnel worldwide. 90% of the vacancies we close is via recommendations. We maintain and develop a professional relationship with each candidate, which truly distinguishes us from other recruiting agencies.
We learn: we support our candidates in each step of relocation in order to make hires as successful as possible.
We stay tuned: results of finding right the candidates are driven by our passion for exploring the art of what is possible. The more possibilities we can access, the better the selection process and results will be. We are also able to provide our clients with critical market information (trends, salary benchmarks, market feedback).
We build and maintain lasting relationships.
Full support: We are not just recruiters searching staff for you. We are your guides, counsellors and assistants in the global world of talent in various areas:
– International IT Recruitment
– HR Consulting
– Relocation
– Career Development
– Financial Consulting
– Salary & Labor Market Surveys
– Establishing Branch Offices in Ukraine from Scratch
When we take the job, we look at the big picture and take into account every detail.