How to Recruit Worldwide

Taisiia Mliuzan
04 July 2016

It is a known fact that when it comes to a challenging position, where the internal recruiter in the company cannot cope with, recruitment companies come to the rescue. Well, we are proud to say that CNA International IT is rated among the very best those companies, that «saves» not only within our native Ukraine but also far beyond its borders, that is, act on the international level. So, how actually it happens… With great relish, we’ll lift the veil of our international activity, in the USA particularly.
To tell the truth, there are no special secrets, how to find people in other countries, the matter is only in the approach. Talking about the USA, we use the banal and widely known job boards searching method:,,,,,… As for the rest, we act in the same manner as in Ukraine: search in LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networks, personal contacts, etc. If you find the necessary contact – then the most interesting process and nuances begin. Most of our candidates are programmers, and as far as you know, you know phone- sales at IT-recruitment do not work, because phone calls are considered to be the environmentally unfriendly intervention in personal space. IT-people prefers to communicate via Skype (call or chat mode). But at first, as in our country, you should think, how to make your first letter original, softly-softly, and not look like spam. And believe us, if you achieve this task successfully, for the foreign candidate it does not matter, what country you are from, he just considers you as a good professional with a tempting offer. After that, the plan of action is just your usual job process. The only inconvenience that could appear is only the time issue. Sometimes you need to set the interview at 11 p.m.
It should not go without mention the way of cooperation with our foreign clients. It is not just sending the candidates’ CV via e-mail, but it is using the well-known CRM systems for recruitment, where we can see the status and numbers of the candidates, the status of positions, that helps to optimize the process and make it more transparent. Actually, it makes the feeling of being the part of the company.
Maybe, we didn’t mention all the technical features of our research methodologies (we can not share all secrets here ಠ⌣ಠ ), but we hope it gave to understand, that to recruit people from other countries does not mean to recruit people from another world. It is possible, interesting and in most cases similar to Ukraine, you just need to be a good recruiting professional and want to exceed expectations and help push the frontiers of your client business, as CNA International IT team does.