Taisiia Mliuzan
12 March 2017

CNA International IT Recruitment presents the most significant event of 2017 dedicated to Recruiters, HR Leaders, HR Managers, and CEO’s – The International HR&Recruitment Conference, which will take place in Kyiv, March 31st, 2017.

10 International Speakers from Europe will share their wealth of experience in International Recruitment, Relocation, Talent Acquisition & Attraction, HR, Research, and Cross-Culture Communication.

Our colleagues Zoltan Korpas, Regional Director Clients&Markets at CNA International Executive Search Hungary and Bill Scott, Executive Search function for all HR, HR Services and HR Consulting roles within CNA International Executive Search will actively participate and deliver own speeches at the conference. Bill and Zoltan will provide an interesting point of view to the discussion and the valuable information we want to deliver throughout the conference.

Participants will be provided with an opportunity to observe the latest HR trends, participate in case study interpretation, as well as getting to know modern and effective approaches in business development.

Furthermore, a Panel Discussion about cross-culture communication is to take place. Due to international growth, it is ever more important to pay attention to cross-culture communications as a part of business globalization, to learn both about ourselves and our neighbors so that we can grow our businesses effectively.

The International HR&Recruitment Conference is a great platform to share your experience, gain new insights and develop your professionalism.

Hurry & buy tickets!