Local IT-recruitment Must Go On :)

Taisiia Mliuzan
09 August 2014

Ukraine IT-recruitment Must Go On 🙂

For the last months’ political situation in Ukraine and Crimea as well became a top topic in the in the worldwide news and media reports, so CNA International Ukraine company, with its head-office in Kyiv, would like to share ‘from the inside’ the overall situation in Ukraine.
Now the situation around Crimean IT domain is quite ambiguous. Although, we suggest to look through the views of IT wide range representatives from Ukrainian IT and foreign outsource companies in Crimea as well as Russian IT-businessman’s opinion towards the future expectations.

What’s next?

Ukraine IT companies

Some of the Ukrainian companies with offices in Crimea already relocated out from the peninsula as SoftServe branch office in Sevastopol. Now, the former Crimean office located in Sofia, Bulgaria, where they work safely.
The Prom.ua company either propose to help with relocation to Kyiv. ‘If you, your fellows or relatives know the people who will move out from Crimea for work experience, qualifications, knowledge and if they fit our company vacancies we are ready to cover the relocation expenses as well as six months of rents in Kyiv1’-reported Prom.ua HR specialist Anna Bobinets.

Western Outsource companies

American outsource companies shows us more flexibility toward the current issue in compare with Ukrainian colleagues. Some of them, like Arkadium, are preparing to move into the Russian legal field. ‘We do not plan to move out from Ukraine. Currently, some of our employees already have Russian passports. Moreover, the Deaver representatives opinion is more radical. ’We are not intended to close the office nor to move out to foreign Ukraine state that soon will have significant political and financial turmoils. Deliver us.’
On the other hand, the American outsource company Ramotion which Ukrainian branch office located in Sevastopol, not intended to refuse from Ukrainian citizenship. ‘It seems, we have to have Russian citizenship. But even though before current situation there were a lot of people with two passports. And it actually worked. We will try to adapt.’

Russian IT-businessman’s

The Russians either discussing pretty emotionally the situation. One of them supports Putin’s policy towards Ukraine while others are frightened of appeals for war.
Alexander Galitzkiy, Almaz Capital Managing Partner:
«What makes me surprised and worried – that is the appeal for war! As the descendants of those, who lost millions of people during WW2, horrors of the Blockade, burned towns and villages — can appeal for war. And indeed, how can they welcome Paralympic Fire across the country and at the same time be prepared for ‘augmentation of Paralympic team’s in Russia and Ukraine both’?»
Nikolay Durov, CTO ‘VKontavkte’:
«Before The Crimea was not annexed, but the budget was shared already. So that they could not wait even a month.»
Grigoriy Lipich, CEO ABBYY Russia:
«Well, my dear Russians, rejoice «the wise» decisions of your president. Is not enough that «wise» power could not prevent corruption schemes during the Olympic games for 500 billions of rubles as well as capitalization falling…That is wonderful! And you all, the citizens of this country, still endure that?»
As we can see from aforementioned even in Russian IT-domain top-management level there some people who do not agree with the Putin’s policy generally. In fact, we should consider that most of the outsourcing companies decided to adapt for the current situation. ‘We need to separate work from politics and keep the IT ‘wheel’ move.

Is Ukraine still an IT goldmine?

Nevertheless, it is hard to count all the benefits of working in UA IT-domain, despite the obvious fact of misfortune circumstances that happened with Ukraine.
We are the 4th world’s country with the largest number of IT developers in the world with over 200,000 high-skilled IT specialists and current number increases by 16,000 annually.
It is worth to mention that IT recruitment in Ukraine not just exists, but prospers and represents quite demanded direction of services. Ukrainian IT- headhunters mainly are good in English, technically educated and ingenious in specialists’ selection as CNA International Ukraine recruiters do.

‘Staff Without Borders’

Since 2014, CNA International IT as a part of Pertemps Group, the largest European search executive company with over £600 million annual turnovers, working in IT-recruitment market to satisfy our customers needs with its representatives around whole Europe.
CNA International IT provides high-quality Recruitment, Relocation, Outstaffing and Consulting services based on solid industry experience of team members, thousands valid CV’s database and strong personal connections with  IT-guru’s. Thus, CNA team is ready to relocate you from all over the world.
It is easy to conclude from aforementioned, that we keep going in Ukraine realities. Thus we would like to assure all our current clients and any interested parties that the political and social situation in Ukraine now peaceful enough. However, we always consider such risks and ready to meet any emergency situation. Nevertheless, as a part of great European conglomerate, we aim to develop our first representative office in CIS and the second in Eastern Europe.



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