Does Ukrainian IT Market Need a Recruiter?

Taisiia Mliuzan
05 November 2016

IT Recruiter is an important binding element between usually unsociable developers and exacting clients. A qualified recruiter seems to be a skilled equilibrist, who balances between candidate’s wishes and company’s requirements. He does want everyone to feel great. Despite this positive picture, IT recruiting image leaves much to be desired. There are several reasons for that. Let’s have a deeper look.

What are companies present at the IT-market now? 5% of companies with high rates, goodwill and oriented to stable partnership building. More than 70%- the companies which attract clients because of their low rates, paying here with less attention to the service quality. The rest of the market players are “The Lone Rangers” or freelance recruiters, not limited in their activity to current tax system or juridical niceties. Their services are not expensive, but they often do not meet deadlines or even stop cooperating without any serious reason.

Nowadays IT business is one of few spheres, where employees are paid in USD or EURO, and it sure attracts a growing number of people, wishing to change their occupation. Anyway, not everyone is able to become a developer or QA engineer. Many of these people choose recruitment field. Vacancy closing seems to be easy and brings the good income (each position costs approximately 500-6000 USD).
The simplicity of such business establishment is also a very important factor. Majority of agencies function as Business Entities, paying only 5% tax. Initial capital is not required in practice. As a result, we can see the absence of Ukrainian companies with trustworthy reputation and turn out more than 1-2 million USD (market existence longer than 7-10 years).

Could this situation change to the better? Certainly. Let us start from the very beginning.
Before business establishment, every undertaker should count all the future profits and losses, after that form statutory fund (and not forget to include one-year salary amount of all the employees). Such move will give the opportunity not to seek money, but to take gradually its place in the sun.

The controversial issue is PR and advertising for the recruitment agency. Is it worth to invest money in the promotion or word-of-mouth marketing is quiet enough? Active and even aggressive PR can take place only after sufficient amount of success stories.

Otherwise, the advertisement can have no or even negative effect. Herewith it is necessary to mention that no bright banners and great ads can replace good trustworthy recommendations. The ideal variant can be the following: a company has such great goodwill that its name speaks for itself (at least recruiters’ names), being associated with success, reliability, and serious market reputation.
To make an optimal offer, the recruiter needs to understand deeply the specific of company-client business and possess enough market information.

For candidates, a good recruiter is not only a psychologist but also sometimes even nanny or financial analytic, if necessary. The goal is not to close the vacancy, but help candidate‘s wishes come true and make the person happy. Only, in this case, he will be able to work with the company for many years.

In addition, the last, but not less important thing. To work successfully, the recruiter needs to have and act in compliance with well-defined KPI with Mystery Candidate system.

Besides sticks you should suggest and carrots: your employees want to see their frontiers of professional growth. It can be an opportunity to lead the recruiters’ team, deal with business development or even partnership proposal.

Summing it all up, there is a strong possibility that Ukrainian recruiter’s image will become stellar in the years to come.