Brand story

My name is Taisiia Mliuzan. I’m a Managing Partner of CNA International IT.

CNA International IT was born of an idea to run a company that provides high-quality recruitment services. CNA International IT is aimed to be the point of contact for you in the area of recruitment for years when you will reach out to one provider and receive the same high-quality service.

I started my career  15 years ago when recruitment in Ukraine, especially in IT, was just a new term and direction. I learned a lot in practice, being an in-house IT recruiter and choosing the service providers. I have learned how challenging it was to reach out to a provider that best suits you in terms of quality, values, and final results. Working in the agency, I fell in love with recruitment. So each kind of experience gave me opportunities and contributed my skill to find like-minded people. 


In 2014 I decided to run my agency, bringing top standards of IT recruitment services on a broader scale than Ukraine. As a newcomer in the market of entrepreneurs, I decided to join the Pertemps Group Network that has already been running its business of Executive search worldwide since 1961. This choice gave me some advantages: our head office is located in Birmingham, the processes and standards of our business have proven solid background, we have representatives in 30 countries, our branch represents the executive search but in IT. The great time to start learning and tuning business processes began, and I met with new mature and professional supervisors. 

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