IT Recruitment

Increase the quality of hires with CNA International IT recruiting services.

Companies require tech talent to enable accomplishing business goals. It helps to sustain growth and expands the company’s operational capacity.

Top-notch candidates provide fresh perspectives and pave the way to game-changing solutions. On the other hand, fine-tuned IT recruitment helps keep employee turnover under control and maintain the workflow’s proper productivity.

However, effective recruitment operation requires efficient workflows, qualified personnel, market knowledge, and negotiation skills. That’s where CNA International IT can help you out.

Why CNA International IT

Proactive IT recruitment methodologies

Our team applies forward-thinking techniques to identify, assess, and engage with top-notch candidates.

We apply the CABS methodology to ensure the high quality of candidates.

Cost-effective approach

We achieve an efficient cost-per-hire/time-per-hire ratio with reliable workflows, up-to-date market intelligence, sprawling networking, and recruiting automation solutions.

In-depth market research

We follow what is going on in the IT market segment, studying the labor market’s state, salary reports, and candidate expectations to adjust the client’s value proposition and increase its potency.

Extensive industry networking

Over the years, we have gathered an extensive portfolio of contacts to gather vital market data, connect with potential candidates, and consult over different recruiting operations’ technicalities.

Diverse Talent Pool

Our talent pool database features over 150k candidates with varying backgrounds, competencies and expertise. We know what kind of tech talent you need and where to find it.

This Is How We Do It

Our teams gather requirements for vacant positions, including functional skills, technical expertise, and personality traits.

Upon eliciting the position requirements, our recruiters study the company’s culture, values, and vision for future growth. This information assists in determining the candidate engagement strategy.

Our team applies various tools and techniques to find matching candidates and assess their qualities according to the requirements. Each vacancy involves a recruiter and researcher working over each aspect of the task.

Our team uses the Ideal Candidate Profile to assess a candidate’s qualities according to requirements during the sourcing and screening stages.

We always present a selection of top candidates instead of narrowing our choice towards one particular candidate. This approach provides a back-up option in case of emergency.

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