R&D Office Opening

Get your R&D office up and running nice and clear

The opening of the foreign R&D office is a critical step in the company’s growth and expansion. 

However, it requires an understanding of the local environment, including:

  • Legal requirements for opening R&D office;
  • Real estate intelligence to choose the best possible location;
  • In-depth labor market research to provide appropriate staffing; 
  • Well-defined HR processes to guarantee workforce efficiency;

CNA International IT can help your company open an R&D center in Ukraine without a fuss.

Why CNA International IT

Legal compliance assistance

Our legal consultants will help get things right on the legal side of things, including company registration and work permits.

Search and rental of business space consulting

Our real estate and rental consultants will help with finding a place to set up an office.

In addition to that, we will assist with finding a cost-effective technical supplier.

Staffing partnership

Our recruiters will help you with finding the right specialists for management and development.

HR Consulting

In addition to finding the right talent, we will also help set up effective HR processes to guarantee productivity and employee satisfaction.

This Is How We Do It

We start by eliciting the initial requirements (what type of R&D office, its goals, and priorities), approximating necessary development resources, and determining recruiting needs.

After that, our team wrangles the legal aspect of opening an R&D Center - adjusting client request to the Ukrainian legal field.

Next, our team assists with exploring vailable office renting options according to location and functional requirements.

After that, we outline the staffing strategy, including which specialists are available on the market, syncing the company’s value proposition with their expectations.

Our team will follow you through with each stage of the process. As a result, you will get a fully functional R&D office ready for action.

Interested in knowing more? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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