Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Taking over the recruiting operation and making it work for your growth and success.

Maintaining internal recruiting teams requires significant time and monetary investments. 

  • Furthermore, to meet expectations and deliver results, the hiring team requires comprehensive workflows and in-depth market expertise to navigate on the market and engage with relevant candidates. 

However, meeting hiring needs on your own can be overwhelming for the internal team with limited resources.

That’s where CNA International IT comes in and saves the day.

Why CNA International IT

The progressive approach towards the recruiting process

Our goal is to offer a solution that will turn the hiring effort into a sufficient and productive process that contributes to the company’s growth and stability.

As a result, the recruiting operation focus shifts from hiring the best available talent to ideal candidates.

Our team apply forward-thinking techniques to assess explicit hiring needs, identify hidden needs and implicit opportunities.

Focus on scalability and agility

Our recruitment process design easily adapts to everchanging business goals and hiring needs.

We build workflows capable of sustaining high volume hiring needs and adjusting towards emerging needs.

Transparency and accountability

We are committed to making the recruitment process transparent at every stage. 

Our decision-making reflects the client’s best interests according to business goals.

Consistent sourcing, screening, interviewing procedures

Over the years, our team had perfected sourcing, screening, interviewing procedures so that they deliver consistent results within a reasonable time and budget.

An unbiased approach to candidates

We provide balanced, objective candidate assessment through our procedure design that mitigates the influence of various unconscious bias factors. 

This Is How We Do It

We start by exploring the client’s business goals and how hiring needs reflect them.

After that, our team determines the scope of the recruiting operation, sets its goals and priorities.

Upon assessing business goals, we determine the most suitable form of cooperation - full team involvement or a dedicated recruiter\sourcer.

After that we determine the scope and outline the roadmap for the project - this helps us to immerse ourselves in our recruitment process.

Next, we assemble a candidate pipeline to maintain a steady and predictable pace in accomplishing set goals.

During the sourcing and screening stages, our team uses the Ideal Candidate Profile to assess a candidate’s qualities according to requirements.

At the same time, we provide training for your recruiting team, explain the peculiarities of the process and hidden opportunities based on the current workflow.

For further candidate assessment, we apply pre-hire and situational personality tests to determine how well the candidate's expertise applies to the position and how well the candidate matches with the company’s culture.

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