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Identifying the competitive advantages possibilities is one of the cornerstones of the business operation. In the grand scheme of things, conducting a salary survey are yet another piece of the puzzle that can become one if done right. 

We use our labor market insight, advanced data analysis and networking within the IT community to present an exhaustive exploration of IT-specialist’s salaries. 

  • The ultimate goal is to define the competitive range and identify hidden opportunities. 
  • Our salary survey insight will provide you with a new and fresh look at the labor market and candidates’ salary expectations.


Why CNA International IT

Extensive Industry Networking

Over the years of work, our team has gathered an extensive portfolio of contacts.

The sheer scope of our networking enables us to gather vital market data, connect with potential candidates, and consult over different recruiting operations’ technicalities.

Expert Insight

Understanding the nuances of the market segment is critical for the correct interpretation of multi-sourced data.

Because of that, we provide in-depth domain expert insight for each aspect of our research so that the presented information is properly contextualized.

Thorough Market Research

Exploring context is important, as it allows understanding the reasoning behind this or that salary level in a specific environment.

Our salary surveys gather data from multiple sources tied together into one coherent picture.

We find as much information as possible to create a comprehensible picture regarding the subject matter.

Meticulous Data Verification

Our experts apply a variety of methods to verify incoming data. In particular:

  • crosschecking the sources;
  • comparing data patterns with open-source data regarding a specific aspect.

This Is How We Do It

Gathering marketing intelligence. Each quarter our team rounds up a selection of the most prominent market trends. In parallel, we are constantly keeping up-to-date our stats regarding salary levels for different industry niches, positions, and qualification levels.

Incoming data validation. Every bit of incoming data goes through an extensive process of double-checking and cross-referencing so that there will be total certainty of its accuracy and relevancy to the research subject.

Pattern assessment. Upon gathering and verifying data, our team starts to investigate it and look for the emerging patterns. This process forms the backbone for further research.

Insight explication. After understanding relevant patterns in data, we contextualize our findings with domain experts and try to understand what events caused pattern changes and, consequently, what can happen next.

Data verification. Upon gathering insights and getting all the puzzle pieces together - we are going through every bit of data to ensure that its sources are intact, relevant, and accurate.

Findings presentation. The result of our research is a document that details the salary dynamics for the given period with extensive commentary on trends that informed its transformation.

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