Blockchain Lead Engineer

Education:Master's Degree
Employment:Full Time
Contact person:Olga Shmigol

Our client is a Swiss company which builds a blockchain in the field of international trade. 

The solution will be a permissioned network providing proof of existence and enabling data exchange between participants in the supply chain and the different phases of trade.

The company is currently looking for a senior engineer experienced with blockchain technologies and related cryptographic and/or similar algorithmically complex systems.

This is a key role where you will be responsible for designing and implementing the solution. The technology will be Substrate, therefore knowledge of Rust and/or C++ is an asset. Being a delocalised team you will need to be comfortable with working autonomously, leading when required, and communicating well with a distributed team.

  • Proficient in Rust and Experienced in Substrate architecture;
  • Experience with current blockchain technologies and landscape;
  • Theoretical background in distributed systems, such as consensus algorithms, as well as cryptographic fundamentals;
  • Strong knowledge of a modern systems programming language, such as Rust, C++ or Go and willing to learn Rust;
  • An interest in decentralized and privacy technology and Web3.
Would be an advantage

The company writes software across the whole blockchain stack and as a developer you can be expected to work on any of these things, but deep knowledge in one of the following areas is especially appreciated:

  • State of the art P2P networking research and technologies;
  • Writing and performance tuning databases;
  • Cryptography, including multi-party computation or zero knowledge proof systems;
  • Consensus algorithms, especially as used within the blockchain space;
  • Implementing decentralized applications, including “Layer 1” and “Layer 2” approaches;
  • NFTs,  DID,  IPLD and IPFS.
The company offers
  • Fast recruitment process and decision making;
  • Competitive salary;
  • Flexible work schedule;
  • Complex, challenging projects that allow showing your skills, grow professionally, and achieve great successes;
  • The company invests in the employee’s professional development and provides avenues for career growth.