Master's Degree
Anna Mishuk Anna Mishuk

Our client is an early-stage startup, that is focused on making it easier for humans to help each other one-on-one. It has SAAS and public components. The company is pre-revenue and ready for a technical leader to build out its detailed approach on finding help. The goal would be to develop a PWA. 

  • Build and lead a technical team that will transform the way the company provides  one-on-one human help;
  • Develop platform architecture strategy, including functional, technical, integration, and deployment on a cloud-based solution.
  • 5+ years in software development, with at least 3+ years in software design and architecture of scalable solutions;
  • Programming expertise in front-end, back-end, and API development;
  • Understanding customer experience technologies;
  • Experience in integration, API design, and analytics;
  • Familiarity with enterprise messaging platforms and different ways to contact a diverse group of people on-demand;
  • Systems thinking and back-end design to accommodate various forms of communication (e.g., video, VoIP, chat);
  • Agile thinking to embed feedback loop and evaluate new features added to the platform;
  • Ability to scope, budget and efficiently and effectively utilise available resources;
  • Ability to link to different motivation strategies into the platform and leverage AI to make the connection to find help.
Thе соmpаny оffеrs:
  • Equity on a vesting schedule and salary upon successful raise of capital;
  • Part-time work options before venture capital, but the CTO would need to participate in any pitches;
  • An opportunity to transform the customer experience.
Anna Mishuk
Anna Mishuk