Employer Branding

Take over the narrative and communicate the employer value proposition most effectively

The more the company invests in employer branding, the less it needs to spend on recruiting effort.

In this day and age, a well-built employer’s brand generates multi-dimensional benefits for the organization. It shapes the perception of the company as an employer.

However, building a strong employer’s brand requires more than understanding its business goals and value proposition. It needs an insight into the employee and job seeker’s mind to know how to present the company engagingly.

Why CNA International IT

A value-based approach to employer branding

Our goal is to reimagine the company’s employer brand – make it more engaging for both employees and job seekers. 

Quantitative-qualitative research

Our consultants apply a variety of methods to explore:

  • What makes your company unique in the eyes of employees? 
  • Which employer brand threats you need addressing?
  • What are the best strategies for talent acquisition?
  • How to fine-tune the candidate and employee experiences?

Multi-channel strategy

We will help communicate the employer’s brand key message throughout multiple digital channels to gain maximum brand visibility and potential employee engagement.

This Is How We Do It

In-depth organization research. Our consultants take a deep dive into the organization and explore its specifics. At this stage, we are clarifying the organization's current state of employer's brand, its presentation, value proposition, etc.

Alignment of branding, business goals, and hiring needs. We determine the employer's brand's overarching goals, its role in solving hiring needs, and inspect the brand's further connection to the business goals.

Optimization of the company's mission and vision presentation. We present the company's vision and mission the way employees and job seekers would identify with. Then we adapt and adjust values presentation so that it reflects the company's vision and mission.

Employee Value Proposition optimization. “Why should you work at our company? What’s good?” - that’s what it is all about. Our goal is to communicate compellingly why employees had chosen the company and why potential candidates should consider your company.

Career Page overhaul. The goal is to reflect the needs and requirements of the job seekers, communicate the employer value proposition and explain the company's vision, mission, and values between the lines.

Crafting Ideal Candidate Profiles to have a reference point regarding the people you are looking for with a clear breakdown of skills and competencies required for the vacant positions.

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