HR Consulting

Fine-tuning the HR process to facilitate a productive work environment.

Well-oiled HR operation is the backbone that keeps the organization together and guarantees the business process’s efficiency. 

  • HR keeps an eye on staffing needs and talent planning;
  • The human resources department monitors the employees and their work satisfaction;

However, getting HR function up and running is a considerable challenge:

  • Effective HR operation requires well-defined workflows combined with insights into the company’s goals. 
  • In addition to that, experienced specialists who can read the room and keep things under control are hard to come by. 

CNA International IT can help you with getting HR function right and making a driving force of positive transformation within the organization.

Why CNA International IT

Increasing HRM process efficiency

Our team studies the organization’s HR needs and addresses them with relevant practices designed to bring predictable and measurable results.

The goal is to identify the weak points of HR process and develop solutions that increase its cost-effectiveness, efficiency and transparency.

Boosting the HR process productivity

Productivity is critical for efficient HR process that keeps the company moving forward.

Our team increase the workflow’s productivity through carefully chosen tools and procedures that address recurrent and emerging needs.

Streamlining communication and feedback

Enabling back-and-forth communication between the employer and employees is critical for maintaining a healthy working environment.

Our team develops a communication system that keeps every employee of the company on the same page and provides a platform to express their thoughts and opinions to the company.

Eliminating HR operation hidden costs

Some aspects of HR operation may seem effective on the surface, but in reality various little flaws of the process create numerous hidden costs that tend to pile up into hefty sums.

We focus on streamlining HR workflow and making it cost-effective by implementing clear-cut flows with lean and adaptable solutions.

HR Automation Implementation

Automation is the key towards supercharging the workflow efficiency. However, not every workflow can benefit from it.

Our team helps to determine which elements of the workflow can benefit from automation.

We map out the possibilities and helps choose the effective recruiting automation solutions (both ATS and CRM) that fit the HR needs and elevate the client’s workflow on a new level.

This Is How We Do It

Our consultants study the current state and develop a roadmap for HR transformation with goals and requirements.
The goal is to outline each element for further inspection and research.

The HRM process quality assessment inspects workplace efficiency within current HR workflows, studies the workflow productivity of the organization, explores prevalent communication approaches and surves the employee morale.

Upon gathering the initial information, we start researching it for the hidden possibilities and room for improvement.
The goal is to find the way to make your HR process better smoothly.

Next, we consider transformation options for every aspect of the operation and determine the most fitting and effective solution for your business.
The goal is to find solution that would benefit the company long-term.

After that, we provide a roadmap for solution implementation with a step-by-step plan that explains the entirety of operation.
The goal is to enable seamless, gradual and consistent transformation of HR processes.

Interested in knowing more? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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